music + service


 Founded by Michael McElroy in 1994, Broadway Inspirational Voices is a diverse choir of Broadway artists dedicated to changing lives through the power of music and service.

In addition to its artistic endeavors, the Grammy-nominated choir is a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on bringing hope, inspiration and transformation to children and families in need by engaging them in performance and the arts.


‭Songs in the Key of Me‭

Through this program‭, ‬members of BIV are connected with youth and families in need‭. ‬Together‭, ‬these teams craft a personal song‭ ‬over the course of several weeks‭. ‬The fruits of their labors are then performed by the children‭, ‬by BIV members‭, ‬and by others within the Broadway community‭, ‬often in partnership with organizations such as Ronald McDonald House and Covenant House‭.‬


Music and ME‭!

Kindergarteners and first-graders are taught the fundamentals of music by BIV members through songs that pair with the curriculums of their other classes‭. ‬At their graduations‭, ‬the students are given a chance to show off what they've learned‭.‬


1,2,3... In the Key of Me

For schools who have lost funding for the arts‭, ‬BIV members create musical programs that last several weeks‭. ‬During that time‭, ‬students learn everything from rhythm to composition‭ - ‬and even sign language‭ - ‬from Broadway veterans‭. ‬The program concludes with a performance for parents‭, ‬faculty and staff‭. ‬